LIQUID NITROGEN at Jagermeister event in Mexico

Partygoer, 21, in a coma and eight others hospitalized after swimming pool was filled with LIQUID

NITROGEN at Jagermeister event in Mexico

  • Victim Jose Ignacio Lopez del Toro remains in a coma after suffering damage to his cardiovascular system
  • Pool party was organized in the city of Leon by German alcoholic drink maker Jagermeister
  • Liquid nitrogen dumped into the pool displaced oxygen, leaving partygoers unable to breathe

A 21-year-old man was left in a coma and eight others were hospitalized after attending a weekend pool party in the Mexican city of Leon where organizers of the event poured liquid nitrogen into the water.

According to authorities of the Health Department of Leon in the state of Guanajuato, the party that took place Saturday was organized by Jagermeister, the alcoholic beverage maker based out of Germany.

According to witness accounts and videos recorded at the event, organizers of the soiree hosted in La Colonia Granjas El Palote attempted to create a smoke effect by pouring four buckets of liquid nitrogen into the pool.


Officials say that when the liquid nitrogen came in contact with the water, the chemical substance with a low boiling point displaced oxygen, leaving young party goers gasping for breath, reported.

Guests who were milling about around the pool quickly realized that those inside the water began passing out and quickly called for help.

Blacked out: Hostess Jael Jimenez said she passed out from asphyxiation while swimming in the pool and was rescued because other gusts spotted her tray floating in the water

The victims were pulled to safety by paramedics and rushed to the regional hospital where many had been diagnosed with cardiovascular problems.

One of the victims, identified by Univision Noticias as 21-year-old Jose Ignacio Lopez del Toro, remains in intensive care in a comatose state.

The other eight people received medical attention in the Campestre Medical Hospital and have since been released.

Assistant Attorney General Manuel Angel Hernandez has launched a preliminary investigation to determine if charges would be filed in connection to the incident.

In a statement sent to MailOnline Wednesday, Jagermeister stated that the company is aware of the incident, which is currently being investigated by officials at Jagermeister’s headquarters in Germany.

‘We are liaising with the responsible distributor in Mexico who is working with the event organisers and the investigating authorities to understand the full circumstances surrounding the events last Saturday night,’ the statement read.

‘We fully support responsible drinking and adhere to the guidelines within each market in which we operate.’

The Saturday pool party organized by Jagermeister brought together about 200 young people, among them several hostesses hired to promote the company’s alcoholic products.

At some point during the party, employees dressed in orange uniforms could be seen pouring liquid nitrogen into the pool, which quickly filled with thick white smoke.

A short time later, people standing on the pool deck raised the alarm after noticing that some of the revelers cavorting in the pool appeared unconscious. Among the victims was hostess Jael Jimenez.

‘They realized that I had fainted because they saw the tray floating alone in the pool, otherwise I might have drowned,’ Jimenez told

Reference: Daily Mail

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