Safe Manual Handling of Gas Cylinders

Many staff do not use compressed gases themselves, but have responsibilites for their storage and movement around site. They should therefore appreciate the hazards of the cylinders they are dealing with and know how to move them in a safe manner.

Our Safe Manual Handling of Gas Cylinders Workshop is an instructor-led training session for up to 12 delegates. It contains both theory and practical elements and provides all the essential safety information that staff require to ensure that cylinders are dealt with safely.

The half-day (3½ hour approx) workshop is designed for:

Anyone handling or storing gases on site, but who does not use gases directly.
Production and other Managers with operational responsibilities for safety.
Managers, supervisors and staff from all functions who are responsible for the safe use of gases within their department.
Anyone responsible for health and safety.
Safe Manual Handling of Gas Cylinders Workshop Overview

Manual Handling Operations Regulations 2002
Risk Assessments and the need for Standard Operating Procedures
Gas cylinder design and identification
Hazards posed by pressure
Gas properties and potential hazards
The need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
The need for appropriate equipment for the safe manual handling of gas cylinders
How the back works and types of back injury
Manual handling activities – lift, lower, push, pull, twist, supporting and transporting
Lifting techniques and mechanical aids
Practical session
What You Will Learn

The workshop will enable participants to:

Correctly identify gas cylinders
Identify potential hazards, risks and the properties of various gases
Recognise the need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Appreciate the need to store gas cylindres correctly
Recognise the need to use correct manual handling aids
Safely ‘milk churn’ a gas cylinder
Identify key dangers when trying to lift a cylinder

Please note, this workshop is designed for staff who do not use gases themselves, but are responsible for their movement and storage. We can provide gas-specific manual handling training for staff who use cylinders and/or cryogenic vessels, which is tailored to your needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please contact us for further information.