Using Carbon Dioxide for pH Control in Swimming Pools

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) provides a natural, user-friendly alternative to mineral acids for the pH control in swimming pools.

Our Using Carbon Dioxide for pH Control in Swimming Pools training workshop provides essential gas safety awareness information to all personnel who use, or oversee the use of, CO2 in this application.

The training covers the operation of various supply systems, including bulk systems and gas cylinders.

The 2 hour instructor-led workshop is suitable for all staff using CO2 for pH control. It is also beneficial to managers, supervisors, Health & Safety Offciers and anyone responsible for the safe operation of CO2 systems.

Using Carbon Dioxide for pH Control in Swimming Pools Workshop Overview

Carbon dioxide use in swimming pools
Bulk and cylinder CO2 systems
Properties of CO2
Hazards associated with CO2
The need for atmospheric monitoring systems
The hazards posed by pressure
The need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Gas cylinders – correct identification
Preparing gas cylinders for use
Changeover procedure – demonstration
Safe handling of gas cylinders
Safe storage of gas cylinders
Carbon dioxide gas release rescue
Actions to be taken in the event of an emergency
What You Will Learn

The workshop will enable participants to:

Recognise how bulk and gas cylinder carbon dioxide systems operate
Appreciate the hazards posed by CO2 and high pressure gas systems
Be aware of the hazards of asphyxia
Recognise the need for ventilation and atmospheric monitoring systems
Appreciate the need to wear appropriate PPE when dealing with CO2 systems
Correctly identify carbon dioxide gas cylinders
Follow correct changeover procedures
Manage the safe storage of gas cylinders
Introduce safe working practices into their workplace

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