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Our Cryogenic Gases Safety Awareness Workshop is an instructor-led training session for up to 20 delegates. It provides all the essential safety awareness information that users of cryogenic gases – often also referred to as cryogenic liquids – require.

The half-day (3½ hour) workshop is designed for:

Anyone using, handling or storing cryogenic gases / liquids
Laboratory and other Managers with operational responsibilites for safety
Managers, Supervisors and staff from all functions who are responsible for the safe use of gases
Risk Managers and anyone responsible for Health & Safety
Cryogenic Gases Safety Awareness Workshop Overview

Why do accidents occur?
What’s in the air?
Expansion rates and oxygen deficiency
The need for oxygen monitoring systems
Inert gas release rescue – team exercise
Hazards posed by cold – cryogenic burns
The need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Design of cryogenic vessels
Hazards posed by pressure
Safe handling of cryogenic vessels
Safe storage of cryogenic vessels
Potential oxygen enrichment hazard during cryogenic decanting
What You Will Learn

The workshop will enable participants to:

Correctly identify cryogenic vessels
Recognise how cryogenic vessels operate
Be aware of the hazards of asphyxia
Recognise the hazards posed by cryogenic gases / liquids
Reduce risks when using cryogenic gases / liquids
Be aware of the need to move vessels with care
Recognise the need for ventilation and atmospheric monitoring
Select the correct PPE when using cryogenic liquids
Manage the safe storage of cryogenic vessels and gases / liquids
Introduce safe working practices into your workplace

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