Gas Cylinder Storage & Handling

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) O2 guidelines state that it is the employers responsibility to train their employees on the recommended safeguards relating to the handling of medical gases to ensure they comprehend and engage safe practices. 

Within the HTM 02-01 part B section 8.18 this states that the main hazards associated with gas cylinders are: Careless storage, handling, dropping or impact can cause physical or personal injury. These hazards should be minimized: by the adoption of safe operating practice;

The handling of cylinders is covered in 8.85, this states that cylinders can be heavy and bulky and should therefore be handled with care only by personnel who have been trained in cylinder handling and who understand the potential hazards.

Gas cylinders should be kept in a purpose built cylinder store that should allow the cylinders to be kept dry and in a clean condition. When designing the cylinder store a risk assessment should be carried out to ensure that the chosen location is as safe as is practicable and that any manual handling issues are engineered out at the planning stage.

Medical Gas Consultants can provide training for staff involved in the operation, storage and handling of cylinders.

Medical Gas Consultants can assess your current operating practice and cylinder store provision and provide expert advice and information to assist you in compliance to the recommended standards.

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